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Plain Stationery - Today Stamp

盪鞦韆 Swinging
蹓狗 Dog walking
拍照 Photo
騎單車 Cycling
就是這天-母女 Today is the day (mother & daughter)
簡報 Briefing
瑜珈 Yoga
旅行 Journey
曬衣服 Laundry
剪髮 Haircut
看書 Reading
登山健行 Hiking
烹飪 Cooking
下雨了 Raining
就是這天-裁判 Today is the day (referee)
掃除 Tidy
寫生 Painting
看電影 Movie date
跑步 Jogging
倒垃圾 dump the garbage
超商取貨 Pick at store
露營 Camping
熱暈了 Weather’s hot
喝咖啡 Have a cup of coffee
購物 Grocery shopping

You can record every moment of your daily life with Today Stamp. 

Size: 2 x 2.5 x 2cm & 2 x 1.5 x 2cm