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Hello everyone, welcome to petit zakkaya!

petit zakkaya is another line of Petit Maru which was found in 2014. Being an owner and handmade lover, I collect masking tapes, stamps etc. stationery and handmade related stuff which make me feel happy. I have my own creations with these beautiful tools. I would like to share these beautiful things to you as well. It has been my dream to share these beautiful things, and I hope you will love them as much as I do. You can find the stationery and zakka with high quality, mainly from Japan and Taiwan at petit zakkaya.

Please do not hesitate to chat and share with me! 


歡迎來到petit zakkaya

作為一個手作愛好者,我喜歡收藏膠紙帶印章和其他有關文具手作的東西。一直以來我想和大家分享美麗的事物,在petit zakkaya,你可以找到高品質的日本台灣等地方的文具雜貨,希望你和我一樣會喜歡!